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Sunday, August 14, 2005

was it smoke?

i seem to remember once watching a movie with Harvey Keitel, i don't remember the actual plot to the movie but the part of the movie i remember was a focus on one point where he was looking through this photo album with some other dude and it literally had thousands of photographs of this one street corner where this cigarette shop was. he took a new photo from the exact same spot at the exact same time every day - noting to himself the vast differences from day to day, where most people may only notice that it's the same block over and over again, his point was the people, the expressions, the weather, the cars. it was always the same place, but always a different picture.

i've often thought of undertaking a task like that. one thought that always came to mind was the Compass traffic signs that tell me the same thing each and every day, or that parking lot out my seventh floor window - i seem to have dozens of pictures of both, but unfortunately very little patience or discipline to carry out the task daily, at the same time. i think a photography exhibit by myself would have to be more ridiculous and less meaningful - like pictures of all of the garbage cans on Eglinton Ave.


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