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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

a tour of the office...

a bit more of an optical illusion when you look at it like this. on my way to work i see these two speed limit signs sitting beside each other every day. the first thought that always goes through my mind is "keep your speed in between 70 and 80"

perhaps a little less exciting to those who don't do the trip every day. this one's from the 427 and QEW.

then the traffic begins - check the cars in front, check the speed. hooray for 0 km/h (for anyone american reading this - at 1.6 km for every mile... i think that equates to approximately 0 mph).

this incredibly rapid rate of speed makes it possible for me to take such wonderful photographs. i tried to get good pictures of people picking their noses - but unfortunately those ones came out blurry. maybe next time.

then i sits my arse down at my desk - here we see two zip-loc bags of cereal - both of them cheerios. why do i need two bags you might ask? that's none of your business.

on top of the PC you'll see Kyle Broflofski eyeing up a plastic sheep.

just because.

and then there's a roll of paper towels, a bunch of tupperware and a stapler - because every cubicle dweller needs a stapler.

aaaaand here's the other side of my desk - two boxes of cereal hidden behind my monitor, my frankenstein sock monkey and my dollar store goldfish mug - complete with Terrence and Phillip key chains.

notice the papers scattered all over the desk? you would think those were important papers, but really it's just got org-chart type diagrams that i keep drawing because i need to explain shit to people over and over and over again so they get the point. and rather than use the same one, i keep making new ones. AND if you keep lots of paper on your desk, people think you're really busy.

and there's a laptop on my desk. i don't use it for anything, and the IT guys don't know i have it, but i think that's the point.

and here's the box of Golden Grahams i keep behind my computer - because some people think that three boxes of cereal is too much to have on one desk.

they're dumb.

rock on.


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