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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

stay out da kitchen

as i sit here in my home, "working" as one might put it, on a tuesday afternoon in late september i thought to myself "wow, i sure am glad that i got a place with air conditioning."  that was one of the main selling features of this place.  i was essentially looking for an apartment that had any combination of the following:  air conditioning, dishwasher, washer/dryer, cheap slaves.

i managed 3 out of 4 anyways.  i'll have to keep looking for the washer/dryer... er i mean cheap slaves.

well, anyhoo, since i'm "working from home" today i figured why not "go to the library" (no real need for quotes there - just for emphasis i s'pose).  and with my air conditioning cranked and my baseball hat on straight, i went straight to the library for a morning of procrastination.

i came back to discover the fact that today is the magical day of the year that the building managers turned off the lovely air conditioning and turned on the HEAT.  it's not snowing (despite living in canada).  it's actually like 25 degrees today (i think that's around 78 degrees for anyone american).  AND being that the air conditioning and heater are controled with the same apparatus the climate conditions in my apartment were now similar to rain forests in tropical countries.

at least i have Kool-Aid


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