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Friday, November 18, 2005

strange but not a stranger

today there was a fire alarm at my building. two fire trucks pulled up, unloading somewhere between 15 and 20 firefighters armed with axes, hoses and air tanks. i decided when i heard the fire alarm go off that i would grab my camera and sneak a few pictures in. the crappy thing is that they didn't seem to really want to have their pictures taken, but i suppose that's all good because despite the fact that this was only a false alarm as a result of an equipment malfunction they still mean business. all of the "just in case" type checks to make sure that the building's not going to explode or something.

the really funny thing about all of this is that i overheard more than one firefighter AND the building manager mention that "this doesn't happen too often" and "this building doesn't generate many calls" - now i hope that was all in sarcasm. i've lived here for aboot two years and in that time frame i would say that there's been at least 20 false alarms. probably more, cuz now that i think aboot it i remember a night where there were seven false alarms just in that single night.

long story short, here's more firetruck pics...

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