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Monday, November 14, 2005

valhalla and beyond

somehow i don't think i have enough suits that revolve around viking helmets (by the way, that's not me).

my cat has been meowing constantly for close to an hour now. not for any reason in particular mind you, just because he's a pain in the arse. i gigantic fluffy orange pain in the arse.

i figure i've been going aboot my job search all wrong. you see, all this time i've been looking for someone to pay me to do things when i really should be looking for someone to pay me to do nothing. i wonder if i'm quite at that point in my career yet... i've not had any executive level job titles yet. pretty much the highest i've gotten so far is a Manager designation which i suppose can get me started in the "doing nothing" portion of my career. i mean, most managers don't really do anything right? maybe that's what's wrong with my resume - under the manager section i need to be putting more corporate buzz terms like "delegate" and "leverage" and "costing".

on a positive note, my iTunes playlist is pushing 10 hours of music which means that i don't have to spend much of my day trying to find something different to listen to.


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