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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

an old lady with a walker and a dirty old man...

today in celebration of my newfound lack of employment i decided to go to the dirt mall for a reduction of brain cell count. as i was walking through the food court i saw a little old (probably around eight or nine hundred) lady with busted-ass walker and a hunched over old man talking to her when the old lady pipes up "i'll see you in hell" and casually walked (read: hobbled) away. it was almost as if that was their standard departure message. you know, how most people say "good bye" or "see you later" - this old lady says "i'll see you in hell".

i think i'm going to take lessons from her and start using that expression a little more often. just in casual greetings and whot-not. "hey, how's it going? i'll see you in hell..."

i think it'll catch on.


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