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Monday, October 31, 2005

the most tired joke in the universe

i work at a company that has a rather large call-center/helpdesk/tech support division and in the last couple of days, one of the helpdesk teams decided to pick up and move over to my section of the office.  up until last week i was literally the only person within a 15 cubicle radius, but now i have 17 people sitting within spitting distance that all answer between 30 and 50 phone calls a day.  this sucks hard if you have a job like mine that requires a certain level of concentration.

there's one guy who sits near me though who answers the phone with the same wise-crack joke EVERY FUCKING TIME he answeres the phone.  not just once in a while, but every goddamn time he answers the phone and after the client identifies themself he replies with "and you're calling because everything's fine and you're having a great day?"

i'm sure that for the occasional end user this might be a funny thing, but being that it's only 9am and i've heard him say this about 12 times this morning, i think strangulation is in order.


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