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Thursday, October 20, 2005

how wrong could it possibly be?

being that i am in fact a member of that which could be labeled as "corporate canada," i do happen to drink coffee and tea at my desk on a regular basis. and as it stands, i am also a employed by a rather small company (less than 150 people) that happens to only just be on the brink of making a profit. i thought to myself - i generally drink at least one cup of coffee or tea every day - multiply that by about 25 for the number of days i might work in a month and multiply that by the number of months in a year (12 by my last count, but i have been known to be wrong about these types of things before) and that adds up to a lot of wasted styrofoam cups. probably enough to insulate a small home.

or a trailer or RV at least.

but anyways, this thought has come to my mind before and in the past i've bought coffee mugs only to see them go completely missing - not on anyones desk, not mangled in the dishwasher - nowhere. this leads me to ask one important question:

if a coffee mug sits in the dishwasher for more than two weeks, does that give me the right to use it so long as i don't actually claim to own it? i mean if anyone asked for it, i'd give it back. and if it goes missing - who cares? not my mug.

maybe i'm just following in the footsteps of so many other corporate mug theives before me.


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