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Sunday, October 02, 2005

cleaning my bike

so i broke down and finally bought a new can of WD-40 yesterday.  i k now that somewhere in my apartment there should be a can that's only been used once, but after spending several hours of my life trying to hunt it down, i figured that i could just shell out the extra $4 to just buy a new one.

i decided that i was sick of the gears on my bike not shifting properly, so i took the aforementioned can of WD-40 and promptly proved to myself and the world that i cannot be trusted when it comes to repairing semi-mechanical things.  the first thing i think is "spray the WD-40 on anthing that moves to make it move better."  makes sense right?  well, i'm just unco-ordinated enough to get that little red straw thing stuck where the pedals turn.  and no, it couldn't just get a little bit stuck so i could yank it out - no, i had to cut it out.  so now there's a little piece of that red straw thing stuck in my bike forever.

i rule so much it hurts sometimes.


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