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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

uh, yeah

okay, so tonight i'm at work a little later than usual.  just late enough, in fact, to be able to see the crazy maintenance people.  so i sits here at my desk, typing away and notice the maintenance lady come up with her magical cart of cleaning supplies.  dozens of bottles of cleaners - with brand names and without - lined in a neat and tidy order.  two mops and two brooms protruding from the side, cleaning cloths draped over the edge,and a large garbage can in the center.

she approaches my desk with caution (understandable - i am quite a shady character, or so i've been told), reaches in to the garbage can, and pulls out (with her bare hands i might add) the two day old coffee cups that have two day old coffee in them and a day old orange peel and tosses them into the cart's garbage hole.



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