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Friday, November 04, 2005

this town needs an enema

i think that one of the things that cracks me up aboot the joker is that he laughs histerically at the jokes he tells.

what am i saying, that word should not be pluralized - that should read "the joke he tells."

i realized last night as i went out to grab a sub for dinner that i should carry my camera around with me AT ALL TIMES, because then i would have had some good fodder for Inappropriately Dressed.  there was this naaasty broad with one of the worst tanning bed/lotion tans, a shirt (i believe women call them tops) that barely went below her bra and nasty white track pants and a gold chain around her guttal area.  one of the really funny things was trying to watch her walk on the heels that were obviously too much of a complex thought process for her to manage, or the cell phone conversation she was having... "yeah, i still have to go downtown to get my nails done."

nasty enough to make a grown man gag.


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