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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

the ongoing retard vs. klutz debate

i can't tell wether i'm retarded or just a klutz...

-i go to make a cup of tea, and the tap sticks causing hot water to
spill onto my hand, which causes me to yank my hand back, which causes
me to spill hot tea on my hand

-i grab a sugar packet, rip of the top and proceed to drop the packet of
sugar into my tea (packet and all). i fish it out and throw it in the

-since the aforementioned sugar packet was still full of sugar (and my
tea wasn't), i grab another packet of sugar, rip off the top and pour
the sugar out... on the counter around my cup of tea

-once the cup of tea was made, i back away from the counter - walking
into some random helpdesk dude and spill his cup of water.

i rule


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