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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

we don't hate traffic, we ARE traffic

on my recent trip to vancouver, i took part in an event called critical mass - essentially hundreds of cyclists getting together and riding slowly through the city's streets, downtown area and essentially everywhere to protest pollution and promote awareness of alternate forms of transportation.

i just got a kick out of the fact that i essentially got to be a big pain in the ass to a ton of commuters. at this particular point in the ride, we were at the top of the granville bridge (i think). apparantly when you get to the top of a bridge you are supposed to stop, get off your bike and lift it up above your head. there was a pissed off dude in a jaguar that laid on the horn for about 30 seconds solid. now of course with several hundred protestors all he got in response was loud cheers and laughs.

i would really hate this if i was a driver.

but i wasn't. i was on my bike.

well ... my brother's girlfriend's bike.


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