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Saturday, November 19, 2005

head chopping fun

does the fact that i somewhat enjoyed the Last Samurai mean i'm retarded? i mean, it's no Lone Wolf and Cub, but i did find it somewhat enjoyable. i think that my standards for movie quality are unusually low though. any movie where more than one person loses a head tends to rank pretty high on my quality meter.

it could have something to do with the whole lack of employment factor though. spending 8-10 hours a day looking for work tends to drain a certain amount of your brainpower out. i have found myself spending too much time working on unnecessary projects. for example, i have turned my home PC into my new testing web server, for which i have created a low-end blog and guestbook software.

i think that the rest of the day will be spent watching movies and eating popcorn.

mmmm... popcorn


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