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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

all my life i wanted to be a gangster

stumbled across a copy of GoodFellas on the weekend.  i'd been hunting for a copy of it for a while (and may still do so as the picture quality on the version i have is meh).  i saw it and loved it years ago, then read the book upon which it was based (called WiseGuy by Nicholas Pileggi) and felt i needed to see it again.  the book was an outstandingly well written tale of the life of a guy who grew up into the mafia, got too involved and eventually ratted everyone out.  one of few book-to-movie translations that actually worked quite well.  as usual you don't quite get the whole story in the movie, but how much can you really tell in two hours.

damn, i've noticed, that i use commas, way too much.

but in the meantime go buy yourself a copy of GoodFellas and pick up a copy of WiseGuy from your local library.  worth the read and the watch.

and totally off topic...

one of the things i love most about the long weekend is the list of ridiculous charges laid by police officers onto retarded drivers...


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