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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

let's hear it for the inanet

in recent days i've managed to come across some wonderful movie love thanks to a little magic box...

some of the movies that i want to watch are next to impossible to track down at the library and even more ridiculous to try to find on DVD, so i've relied on the good ol' intro-net to come across some of my all time favs (these are not THE all time favourites, just some of them).

Raising Arizona - if only all Nicolas Cage movies could be this funny.  an ex-con and an ex-cop get married and decide they want a child, and the Arizona family "got more than they can handle."  brilliant supporting jobs from Holly Hunter and John Goodman as well.

CB4 - four words:  sweat of my balls. 

in case you need other reasons to see it:  Chris Rock, Allen Payne, Phil Hartman, Chris Elliot, and the more talented but less recognized of the Murphy brothers - Charlie Murphy.  tons of celebrity cameos and not-quite-stars ( one of them ended up on CSI years later) in this rapumentary.

History of the World: Part I - best Mel Brooks film ever.  better than spaceballs.  "It's good to be the king."

if you can find them in your local video shop's cheap bin, pick them up and watch them at least a few times.  they're films that i watch every so often and consistently laugh out loud while watching.


  • At Sun May 21, 05:54:00 PM, Anonymous Bren said…

    We have Raising Arizona on DVD. We have all the Coen movies on DVD. Are they hard to get in Canadia? You can send us your "Trailer Park Boys" but we can't send you our Coen movies? WTF?

  • At Sun May 21, 09:06:00 PM, Blogger mmat said…

    they're difficult to find on DVD here. well, difficult to find cheap (i seem to have implemented a $8.99 restriction since the ol' bittorrent came aboot).


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