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Thursday, May 04, 2006

starting up a corporate "YES" chain

it seems to me that all too often in the corporate world when someone (i.e. me) want's to get something done that the overwhelming reply isn't "yes, let's do that right away," rather it always turns out to be "wow, what a good idea, i agree."

the unfortunate thing about this chain of b.s. emails is that it takes forever for something to get done.  i'm sort of stuck as to the reason why though.  either it's because i'm the only one that senses any urgency in the issue, or perhaps it's just that nobody else actually feels like doing their part.

i'm always amazed when i hear about how busy one person is when talking to another when i often see person A wandering around, talking to whoever may be near, keeping the coffee machine company.  but all i seem to hear is "[not really busy guy] is so busy.  he's got such an enormous workload."

no he doesn't.  i used to do that type of stuff at my old job.  he's just waiting for a file to copy.  he could be doing something else right now, but he chooses not to.

the one thing i've learned at this new company is that i have a sense of urgency that FAR outweighs that of any of my co-workers.  at my old job i learned that if i could do something today, it needed to get done today so that i could manage the rest of my workload.  here the thought seems to be "let's have one busy week, and do nothing for the rest of the month."

a very difficult concept to get accustomed to.  it's kind of bizarre to expect more of yourself than your employer expects from you.


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