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Saturday, April 29, 2006

i promised, so now i guess i gotta

sooooo, i finally got my bike.

what bike you ask? the Trek 7.3 FX bike i mentioned earlier.

and i quite like it. it's kind of odd because i've never ridden a bike with an aluminum frame - and what they say is true, there is a lot of vibration from an aluminum frame.

not good vibrations a la Beach Boys, but the kind that make you think "i shoulda bought cycling gloves too."

but it's fast. way faster than my old crummy bike.

and now that i have a new bike and new car i'm going to have to find some other expensive item to fixate myself on and beg the internet to give me money for...

iPod maybe? a new sofa? every season of south park on DVD?

we'll have to see.


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