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Monday, April 24, 2006

shiny cars and superstars

okay, i'm gonna stop going on aboot how much my new arse-kicking Toyota Yaris is. i'm sure the whole world doesn't need for me to keep reaffirming that the car is both killer and awesome at the same time. i think the main indicator (aside from the last three updates being about my car) is that after checking my site meter i'm starting to get search results for Toyota Yaris.

so enough aboot that.

the only problem left for me to solve now is the idea of buying a bike. i think that what i'm gonna do is say forget it to buying the more expensive one for a couple of years and buy something that's still efficient but cost-effective that should last at least a few years. that'll save me a few hundred dollars AND get me riding something reliable (rather than crazy awesome) sometime soon. i'm digging the Trek 7.3 FX. the dude at the local shop said "good bike for your money, especially on a budget" - which i am. plus it comes in shiny orange.

so everybody, please buy some t-shirts. the more of that you do, the less y'all will have to hear me complain aboot not having a bike.

but man, is my new car ever cool.


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