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Thursday, April 20, 2006

your yaris is showing

i'm literally counting down the hours until it's time.

what time?

time to pick up my new car (see above). in hopefully less than a day (depending on paper-work of course) i will be driving a 2007 Toyota Yaris in Pacific Blue Metallic. some may not be impressed by the acquisition of an entry-level automobile, but believe me - this is like driving a ferrari compared to what i'm used to.

and i'm getting all the good add-ons too - air conditioning, keyless entry, mp3 cd player, power windows, etc, etc. it's gonna rule the skool yo.

now if i can manage to hit big on that super 7 ticket tomorrow as well ($25 million dollars - i think that's about $9.27 american), i'll be having the near-perfect week.

and i say near-perfect because i've been taking the bus to work all week.

which sucks.

a lot.

but that's okay, because i'll have a kick-arse new car in no-time.


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