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Friday, April 07, 2006

it's your birfday

the last couple of days at work people have been extraordinarily awesome.  and by awesome i mean bringing in awesome stuff to eat.

for example:  monday someone brought in a cheesecake, tuesday someone brought in timbits, wednesday yielded no results, yesterday was chocolate cake and today was bagels.

and now totally off topic...

i've always wondered what it is about BMW's that make people that drive them bad drivers.  now this isn't to say that all people who don't drive BMW's are good drivers, it just means that the vast majority of drivers of these fine german luxury automobiles seem to think that because they spent more money on their car than i did, that somehow their ownership of the road is greater than mine.  i've often thought that there's some sort of airborne chemical that is released into the cabin that alters the structure of the brain of the drivers of these cars, making them see the road as a much more wide and empty place.  as if it were a race track, and they were the only car.

i suppose i got some gratitude this morning though when i saw one pulled over to the side of the road that had no back tires on it.  i'm not quite sure how that kind of thing would happen (maybe they fell off?  maybe he forgot them at home?), but it was nice to see.

today's nonsense brought to you by the mostly rock playlist


  • At Fri Apr 07, 12:47:00 PM, Blogger Jen said…

    Yeah BMW owners can be such snobs. My best friend just bought an old 86 BMW for a paltry $1000, so that means now that he's gonna spend probably another $1000-2000 getting a nice paint job, the rust off, and a new windshield. It's just gonna rock. But I'm just watching to see how long it'll be before he stops associating with us non-BMW owners (which is practically everyone in the area).

    Of course that race track mentality is very useful when you've got to pass tractors and other road-hogging vehicles.

    But I gotta say I love the look of those old european cars. The boxier, the better. And anything is better than my old toyota hatchback.

  • At Fri Apr 07, 03:10:00 PM, Blogger mmat said…

    i was always a fan of the semi-boxy mid-80s north american cars. like an '87 Monte Carlo SS or Caprice Classic. you can get like 50 people into one of those if you need to.


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