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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

pope benedict would issue a nut-kicking for this

today i made what was probably the worst cup of coffee that i've ever brewed since i discovered that coffee making was possible with a coffee maker.

i was in a bit of a rush this morning while getting my crap together for work i figured i would throw my little 1 cup coffee maker into the "on" position and make a cup for the trip to work (the "on" position is entirely necessary for it to work).

it wasn't until i was in the car and on the highway when i remembered about it. "thank the gods for insulated travel mugs" i thought as i reached for the still warm brew.

warm was aboot the only positive thing it had going for it, because good taste and flown out the window with the parking tag that was sitting on my dash board. it was awful. it made me gag. i've had a lot of bad coffee before, but this was right along the lines of something my grandmother made me once. she's a sweet lady and all, but i don't think she was born with taste buds. at least not the ones designed for enjoying coffee.


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