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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

roll up the rim to bite my arse

whoever came up with the bright idea to have a contest that requires you to roll up the rim on a paper coffee cup should be shot.  especially when the odds of your winning are next to nothing - and when you do win something it's something lame like a donut or a medium coffee.  the amount of my time and effort required to roll up those bastard rims (which are designed NOT to roll up easily, thereby preventing the spillage of your coffee onto your crotch [huh-huh, i said crotch]) is worth a hell of a lot more to me than the shite-ass fraction-of-a-dollar craphole prize that you MIGHT get to win.  and seriously - who wants to bring a coffee cup (or a portion of a coffee cup) back to the counter and redeem that for a prize.  just picture it - a line up of office-monkeys standing there with used, empty paper coffee cups waiting for a free donut or free cookie.  to say that the Canadian race are slaves to their coffee addiction would be an overwhelming understatement.

speaking of the coffee monopoly, i noticed on the weekend while passing through the majestic city of Trenton, Ontario that i would probably win if i were to bet that this city has more Tim Horton's locations per person than any other Canadian town or city.  i remember counting 6.  AND let it be noted that i never strayed off of highway 2.  i would guesstimate that there are probably ten in that city of fewer than 15 thousand people.  i guess the people of Trenton don't like to stand in line.


  • At Thu Mar 09, 10:39:00 AM, Blogger Cuppojoe said…

    I whole-heartedly agree... I think my thumbs have finally healed from the last "Roll Up the Rim" go-round.

    I think the cashiers at Tim's should roll 20 dice when you pay, and if they all come up the same number, you win a donut.

    It would increase my chances of winning, that's for sure.


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