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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

the top notch of the block cuz i carry a glock

i absolutely love the dirtbag nature of the neighbourhood where i work.
or wait, no i don't.  in the 6 or so years i've worked here there's been at least a half-dozen shootings and a long list of sexual assaults.  there was even a period of time when there was a policy at my old office that stated that female employees weren't allowed to leave the building because the boss was afraid for their safety (or, if i know him right, was more afraid of a potential lawsuit rather than the safety of his employees).
at least this incident was a couple of blocks from my building.  a couple of years back there was a shooting right across the road.  a friend of mine lived at that building and said when he left for work in the morning that the cops/emergency crews were just cleaning up the blood off the front steps.  nice.
and you'd think that in a neighbourhood like this that i'd either be a social worker or run a convenience shop (or gun shop maybe?), but alas, i write reports and do some low-end software development for a property management and consulting firm.  luckily on the right side of the train tracks.


  • At Tue Feb 28, 10:16:00 AM, Blogger zoe said…

    but i thought canada was a friendly country with nice people and the like.

    well, i suppose you find those sorts of happenings everywhere .... more or less.


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