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Friday, February 24, 2006

i'm part of the problem

seems like i'm getting tons of click throughs for my t-shirt idea, but nobody's actually buying quite yet. personally, i'm a big fan of this one...

this is one that i always wanted to wear into an executive meeting at my old company. i think some of the executives might have agreed with it - maybe that's why they laid me off.

somebody in my office has been coughing for literally 4 minutes straight - no joke, i've been counting. and it's one of those "i'm choking on my coffee" type coughs. you know the one, you're in the middle of talking to somebody and start coughing, your eyes start watering, your face turns red - and rather than trying to make yourself not cough, you sit there trying depsparately trying to finish your sentence before that brilliant thought, the one that was so awesome it made you forget how to swallow, disappears from your mind.

i found out at the last minute that three of my assignments can't actually be completed because, yet again, i have to wait for someone else to make changes to the database structure. the really difficult thing about needing to wait for someone else is that in this company i'm working for, everyone is so relaxed. i'm still on my old company's schedule of "why wasn't this finished yesterday?" i'm not used to the idea of saying "i'm not sure how long it will take, give me a couple of days to get back to you." i'm sure i can get used to it though.


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