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Friday, February 10, 2006

hot coffee action !!!

just an example of the many thousands of varieties of coffee and tea that await me at work. stay away from the hot chocolate though, it tastes kind of like floor. even if you put the "Capuccino Creamy Topping" in it. floor-like glory there (that's why there's the box of Carnation hot chocolate on top of the coffee machine).

and how much ass is kicked by Google products? i just discovered today that i can log into GoogleTalk right from within Gmail. that kicks 5 monkey asses. or maybe even a 5-assed monkey (a four-assed monkey will do if you can't find one with 5). it's like they keep inventing cool stuff, and all the rest of the email companies go "I know, i'll just add more banner ads and spam! people will like that."

i've been noticing that the more i delay on buying a car, the more extra features i keep needing. like somehow i went from wanting a base-model Corolla to wanting the special edition version with the moon roof, power everything, alloy wheels, keyless entry.... last time i bought a car i literally had a couple of days to make a decision so i just got the first thing that came to mind, now i'm all concerned about luxury and resale value and shit. i'm turning into a yuppy. if i somehow end up buying a Volkswagen out of this, someone please put me out of my misery.


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