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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

brought to you by the letter f

today's workday is brought to you by Monster Magnet's album Powertrip. thirteen tracks of non-stop rocking will make the tedium of an office day move along just fine thank you.

and this article cracked me up. how often have you been to a museum and thought to yourself "man, wouldn't it be funny if someone tripped and broke this..."

and now it really happened. if it were me, i'm pretty sure that the museum would be trying to make me pay for all the shit i broke, then i'd be all like "dude, i drive a Daewoo - do you really think i have enough money to pay for priceless chinese vases?"

and they'd say yes.

and you know what completely rocks my socks? the fact that i work next door to the Wrigley gum factory. every day when i get to work it smells like juicy fruit.


  • At Wed Feb 01, 01:51:00 AM, Blogger mrsmartini said…

    seriously? well, what the eff are you waiting for matthew - run over there and get me some gum! right now I'm thinking about that simpsons episode where all the kids but Bart went to the chocolate factory.


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