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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

a slight tear in the fabric of time?

today was a fast drive to work, resulting in an earlier arrival than usual.  shortly after eight o'clock i managed to stumble my way into the office.  apparantly you need your security card to get into the building that early - today happened to be the second time i've ever even used it.  i grabbed my cup of coffee, sat down, and began plugging away at today's report load.
nine o'clock came and went with me still sitting head down into the computer screen, typing like a caffeine fueled secretary.  i realized something rather disturbing.  an odd quiet still sat in the office - somewhat unchanged since my arrival.  i popped my head up over the cubicle wall (i believe it's called "The Prairie Dog" in some corporate circuits) and realized that the only people in the office were the two people standing by the door who had been standing there talking to each other since long before my arrival.  the office was bare.
i checked the calendar - tuesday - a workday.  mid-january - no holidays to account for.  it was kind of like a cowboy movie.  clint eastwood rolls into town, all you can see are tumbleweeds, all you can hear is the eerie cowboy soundtrack alerting you to the lack of human presence.  a ghost town.
so i put my feet on my desk, cranked up my music and basked in the silence that can only come from a day where you aren't listening to people argue about why privatized health-care will ruin the country.


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