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Saturday, January 14, 2006

turn up the good, turn down the suck

the colony of sea-monkeys that was birthed on my desk is now thriving. there are several large... uh... monkeys in the water and it seems that there is a whole swarm of babies now. i was worried earlier in the week because the last time i fed them i was worried i had killed them all - but the instructions say just wait. if you do that and they all die - they'll come back.

and they did.

so today i fed them again. not nearly as much as i did last time though so as to not overfeed them.

i'll admit, i've been obsessed with the little bastards. i could literally spend HOURS just sitting here, watching them swim. they're way more gooder than goldfish, and significantly less maintenance. and the cool thing is if they all die, all you have to do is let the water dry out, refill the tank and they'll come back to life again. how much does that rule?

k, i'm going to try to stop obsessing over my sea-monkeys now.

on the list for today's movie agenda... Fubar, The Meaning of Life, and possibly Death Becomes Her.

i watched a good picture last night - The Jacket. the story of a guy who gets injured in the Gulf war, is wrongfully convicted of a murder and thrown into a psychiatric hospital. there they carrie out some bizarre treatment techniques that send him forward in time (don't worry, nothing gorey - and oddly not dorky sci-fi at all). definitely worth the watch. if you're in Canada, it's on The Movie Network On Demand right now. otherwise, i'm sure you can pick it up at your local video shop for a reasonable price.


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