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Saturday, January 07, 2006

there can be only one ... or 3 and a mini-series

once upon a time, when the earth was still green, i remember watching a movie called highlander. being still quite a young age, i remember thinking "wow, what a cool movie - sword fights, immortality, heads getting chopped off."

i never watched any of the sequels, despite their abundance. i was never really sure as to why since i enjoyed the first movie in the series so much. could have something to do with the fact that even Sean Connery couldn't hide the fact that Christopher Lambert was the lead actor in that film, horrible acting skills, cro-magnum forehead and all.

i was at the library today and saw it sitting there on the shelf all by itself.

well, not quite all by itself. there were plenty of other movies there - but i could tell this one had been neglected for some time.

so i picked it up, resisted the temptation to run out the door and try to sell it on ebay, and checked it out.

and watched it.

why couldn't somebody have warned me. just because something is cool before you turn 10, doesn't mean it will be cool significantly afterwards. contained within this film were some of the most poorly co-ordinated sword fights, worst dialogue and most horrible actors the world has known.

and oddly it spawned several sequels and a TV series. but i suppose the same can be said for Police Academy (which i've heard is coming back for a 10th installment).

so in short, i would recommend that nobody watch highlander sober, at least until they remake it with some decent actors and actually pay someone to write a script for it, rather than just let the actors wing it.

now i'm going to go watch the Hilarious House of Frightenstein.


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