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Friday, December 30, 2005

whatever gave you that impression

does every office have one of these?
it seems to me that no matter where it is that i've worked - all the way back to mcdonalds in high school - there's always one guy who sucks everyone he speaks to into a long-winded boring-ass conversation about the most retarded things.
there's one of these guys at my new office.
and there was one of those conversations this morning.  about caching mechanisms for .NET web applications.
and apparently, despite my obvious lack of large-scale software development experience, i've somehow managed to gain a reputation at my office as a person strongly versed in such technologies with a wealth of information to share.  the key to doing this is to just keep nodding, using big technology buzz words and act like you've been doing this forever.
oh, and try the Sumatra blend coffee.  it will fill your belly with warm caffeinated goodness.


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