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Thursday, January 19, 2006

that album's old enough to be in highschool now

today is time for my tribute to one of the best office-heavy metal albums you could possibly listen to. it's an album that is constantly upbeat (with the exception of the last song, which blows), has lots of bad words and makes you type faster.

this album is so good that i've gone through 4 copies of it - wearing each copy i had on tape out until i finally caved in and bought it on CD.

that's right - BOUGHT on CD. don't download this album - go out and buy it. it's worth it just for the album cover don't you think? i mean some guy got punched in the face for that picture - not so you could download the album, but so you could buy it.

that's not to say that you shouldn't download music. i'm one of the worst for downloading crap that i would never think of spending money on. but from the moment that Mouth For War starts up, right through into Fucking Hostile, and all the way to By Demons Be Driven you'll be thanking me for having told you to buy this one.

plus, you can't possibly tell me you don't want an album with a track called Fucking Hostile on it.


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