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Friday, February 03, 2006

your mama said packin' lines is sin

how screwed up are the censorship laws in our country that a radio station can play a song that's entirely dedicated to cocaine, but they censor the word fuck?  that comes aboot a thousand miles from making any sense at all.  seriously, it's as if they seem to think "hey, we can play a song that's all about doing drugs, wanting to do more drugs and loving every minute of every line of coke, but they can't say the word FUCK on the radio, that will warp our children's frail little minds."
and can i just sleep until the superbowl is over?  i don't really care aboot football (american or real football), and i don't care aboot the Rolling Stones or their deal with satan for immortality, and i especially don't care aboot the commercials.  i have no interest in the fact that it costs $2.5 million for a 30 second commercial spot, i don't care that companies make commercials specifically for the superbowl that may never get seen again.  you could do away with commercials entirely and i'd probably end up leading a happier tv watching life.  but to everyone who has a radio show - i don't want to hear about who you think should win, i want to hear MUSIC.
and to the classic rock station - you don't NEED to play Led Zepplin every 15 minutes, followed by a Steppenwolf track, followed by an Aerosmith track, followed by a Led Zepplin track, etc...  there's plenty of other classic rock to choose from (and i don't mean Sammy Hagar-era Van Halen).
and you, in the black bmw 323i - don't try to cut me off and then honk at me for not letting you in.  you see, it doesn't really matter that you drive a german "luxury" car (but can't really afford one - thus the 3- series BMW) or that you wear a tie - you go ahead and give yourself a heart attack trying to get past me and my sub-compact hatchback because i'm not letting you in.
sorry, i'm done now.


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