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Sunday, February 05, 2006

gotta know when to hold 'em

today i had a flash of brilliance - the type of brilliance that can only be compared to the creation of jello and sea monkeys. i thought to myself "hmmm, it's sunday afternoon - and the superbowl is today, i should go get my oil changed. every idiot-male should be at home parked in front of his television, rather than at Canadian Tire doing responsible shit."

apparantly, i wasn't the only one who got this idea.

i approached the counter and spoke to the teenage lad with the paper-think moustache and spoke. "how soon can i get in to get my oil changed?" i says. "We're booked all day sir, i'm sorry" was his lame reply.

"bastard. you can fuck off and die - and don't call me sir you pig fucker" i said to myself.

"alright, thanks" is what i said out loud. no need to make a scene.

but now that it's almost six, and football hell is aboot to begin, i shall put in a movie. The Shining is on A&E tonight, but i do have a copy of The Corpse Bride on DVD that i haven't watched yet...


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