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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

our own personal dishwasher

over the last few weeks at my new place of employment, i've noticed a near startling disability in the majority of my coworkers.  it appears not a single one of them knows how to wash their lunch dishes or coffee mugs.  generally this will result in the temporary theft of mugs, bowls, plates and cutlery from the dish drying rack beside the sink in the kitchen at the office (including the stuff that i wash, meaning that i often have to wash my dishes twice before the end of a given day).  and by the end of the day there's usually quite a massive pile of dishes in the sink.
this morning i noticed that it's not the employees that decide they've had enough and need to clean the room where they eat and store their food - apparantly we have a cleaning lady who comes in and washes all the dishes a couple times a day.  go figure - if i'd known this earlier i would have been leaving my dishes every day.
who am i kidding, i'm way too paranoid about other people touching my dishes to have someone else clean them.  they might leave icky fingerprints and goop on my mug.


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