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Thursday, February 16, 2006

someone drank my apple juice

so after an excessively mild winter, we seem to have had some snow today in the GTA.  i'm not going to complain about the snow though.  we, as canadians, should expect there to be snow during this time of year.  the fact that there's been even a single day with a temperature above 0 is borderline miraculous in itself.  what i don't understand is how with less than 2 inches of snow that ALL of the buses for the greater Toronto area.  today it took me about 45 minutes to get to work, and considering that last thursday it took me 90 minutes and there was no snow at all, that should be an indication of how much everyone is a big sissy in the snow.  come on people, we're canadians here.  snow is our heritage.  and why the hell should i be one of 5 people at work today because everyone else was too much of a wuss to drive.
and another thing, this here is amazing.  such patience, such effort.  i can't imagine actually being able to accomplish that feat.
i'm thinking about having some sort of contest around people buying tshirts through my site, so let me know if you actually do end up buying one because it could end up winning you something totally amazing and cool.


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