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Monday, February 27, 2006

boot in the ass for a slap in the ass

some people are trying to say that the punishment of 4 years house arrest for the drive-by slap on the ass is too harsh.  personally, i think that if you're retarded enough to think of trying something like that, bring on the insane punishment.  i'm not entirely sure what would possess you to do something like that.  i mean, he wasn't starring in a movie (well, maybe he will after he sells the rights to Steven Speilberg) or something like that - he was just being a retard.
so let the lesson be learned - if you're an idiot and you get caught - be prepared to pay for being an idiot.  i'm sure if he'd asked permission first it may not have been as big a deal.
but then i s'pose he could have been charged with harassment, riding around on his bike asking women if he could slap their asses.  really, that isn't any less dumb than actually doing it.


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