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Monday, March 06, 2006

instead of ass say buns, like kiss my buns or you're a buns-hole

today the software developers are all shouting at each other and slamming things on their desks.  it really cracks me up how much these guys fight with each other while they're working.  screaming and shouting at each other, cracking rude (and insanely offensive) jokes at each other.  but oddly, as soon as they all leave the building, they're the best of pals, they drink beer with each other and get along great (though the brutally offensive jokes still come out).  this does make for the occasionally nutty work environment though.  i'm glad that i have my headphones so that i can at least drown out the shouting with loud angry music.
on the way to work i saw a porsche 911 broken down on the side of the road.  it was a pretty sweet sight to see, a guy in a $100,00+ sports car that won't start.  i get a sick pleasure out of seeing malfunctioning luxury cars.  i think it has something to do with the fact that my car is pretty much the complete opposite of luxury.  one could argue "hey, your car came with a Sony stereo installed," but then my response would be "yeah, but there's only two volume settings on it - loud and off."  kind of like the heater in my car.  two settings:  hot and cold.  not much in between ground - which normally isn't too bad in this particular portion of canada where most years we have -25C in the winter and 40C in the summer, but in the mediocrity that was this winter (still haven't had a snow-day yet - what's with that eh?) it would be nice to have that "just keeping the temperature nice" setting.
but at least there's free coffee in the office.  and somebody brought in cookies.  and that is good.


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