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Friday, March 03, 2006

i bring nothing to the table

the last three days or so at work have been entirely bizarre. i have an enormous amount of work to do but can't get it done. the crazy part is that it has nothing to do with the timeline in which i should be doing these things, but it has everything to do with the fact that i'm waiting on aboot 4 other people to finish their projects upon which my projects depend (how's that for grammer-fying properly eh?).

so i have a massive workload, but missing database elements and an extremely ill project manager where my work should be coming from - all this boils down to me coming up with my own ideas of stuff to do.

and i have many. there's a big project (which has no deadline or management direction) that i'd like to work on, but the work i do may end up being in vain (vein?). so unless a miracle happens and the database team complete their changes, the project manager recovers from his surgery and someone other than me gets concerned with finishing things on time - i will try to sell t-shirts because i haven't reached my bicycle goal yet. so click the link and buy a shirt - because you have nothing better to do. and if i find any success in this t-shirt pimpage - maybe i'll return something back to the loyal people who bought something. perhaps a contest so-to-speak for people who buy things through my link.


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