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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

got milk? and nuts?

does it make me a rude person because i laugh when i see the label of this chocolate bar?

and apparantly, CBS is suing Howard Stern for over $400 million for all the shit that he did to disrespect CBS and it's affiliates while getting ready to move to satellite radio. i'm glad. and i hope they win. if there was a radio personality we could all do without it would be him. it's not that i'm offended by any of his shenanigans, it's that i find it boring and overdone. seriously, how many times a week do i have to hear about him masterbating to online porn and having strippers dance around in the studio. who gives a shit?

sometimes i wonder if i'm the only person who ever gets tired of those articles that say shit like "ten ways to customize your Windows installation" that periodically show up on microsoft and yahoo and the like, but when you go to read those articles they have info like how to change your background wallpaper, and switch from the blue theme to the silver or green theme. i have been quite sick of the look of Windows XP three colour schemes and wish there was a way to add more without going to the extent of installing some expensive application like Windows Blinds to cover it up. i think Microsoft got lazy when they made XP. it seems to me they just thought "hey, this one looks a little different than the last three versions of windows we made people pay for - we don't need to go too far." bastards. maybe they should have added more Nut Milk.


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