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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

come on down and meet some friends of mine

as i'm quite sure everyone is well aware, blasphemy is a favourite subject of mine. makes for quite possibly some of the best humour one could ask for.

and on that note, apparantly Isaac Hayes has left his role as Chef on south park citing that he's not happy with the show's take on religious humour. i could understand him making this decision and standing up for freedom of religion were it not for the fact that he's been taking part in the show for something in the area of 10 years. a show that has constantly been active in the idea that religion is there specifically to be made fun of. tell me about a single episode where either Kyle didn't get picked on for being a jew, or there wasn't some rude reference to jesus or mormons, but the instant they cover Hayes's religion scientology (which, by the way, was a very funny episode). i honestly think that if he were taking a stand against the religious humour that was on this show that maybe something would have come up before this season.

but oh well. despite his somewhat skewed vision of religious discrimination Isaac Hayes is a great singer and chef was a great character, and i'm sure whatever might replace him on the show will rule. i'd have to say that i recommend maybe Method Man or Rob Bredl. I love that show Killer Instinct. he cracks me up - and could make for some good plot to have a dude wrestling crocs in the kitchen in his bare feet.


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