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Friday, March 10, 2006

truth, justice and the american way


man, today has been full of some extraordinary geek shit.  hunting down ridiculous error messages and finding microsoft's lame-ass workarounds that tell you to enable some dumb shit that could possibly fuck up your whole company's database server.

and then finding out that not only have they released a bazillion hotfixes to the error, but there are also a bazillion workarounds - all equally ridiculous.  it's almost as though microsoft assumes that you can just fuck up a bunch of other shit to fix one small problem rather than fix the problem on the whole (or maybe the hole, arse hole - har har).


i'm thinking i want to get a widescreen monitor for my home computer.  i think that would be on the right side of being awesome, but i think that i want that new bike just a little bit more.  it's getting close to time to buy it even though nobody's buying any t-shirts, thereby making the concept of getting money for nothing THAT much more difficult.  as funny as some of those t-shirts are though, i can understand why many might choose not to buy them.  i need to find a more gooder affiliate program.  maybe i should actually work for my money instead of getting other people to just give it to me.

but that's not the american way.

but i guess i'm not american - so the american way shouldn't really impact me that much eh?


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