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Thursday, March 23, 2006

when i was a kid we respected our parents - we didn't eat them

after a very tiring day at the toothpaste factory, i only had enough energy to watch one movie.

well, maybe i don't work at a toothpaste factory - but i DO work beside the Wrigley chewing gum factory

so last night i figure i'm not in the mood to actually watch something with a point, and to my surprise and enjoyment find that there's a zombie-flick called Undead waiting patiently on the movie network for me to watch it.  certainly not an academy award winner, but how many of those do i actually watch eh?  i was pleasantly surprised though at the fact that the Producers/Directors managed to take a Zombie picture, throw in some aliens and some violence and turn out a pretty enjoyable film.  you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hurl.  stuff to watch out for - any scene with the aliens (they have a pretty good sense of humour), when the pregnant lady's mother gets it and the saw-blade.  lots of fun, a good no-brainer.

this morning i'm tired.  i tried sleeping in but it still didn't work, and i don't think any amount of coffee is going to keep me alive today.

on a more gooder note (for me at least) is that i'm within a few days of the bicycle purchase and have it down to a couple of choices - if anybody's reading this, please feel free to give your input.  there's the Trek 1200 - which has decent gearing, but unfortunately is Aluminum framed vs. a slightly modified Lemond Poprad (i'll be putting a bigger front chainring on it) which has a Platinum/Steel frame, but is probably about $250 more than i want to spend.  i'm thinking the Lemond is more suited to someone my size and weight, but there's always the price tag that's associated with it.  common sense tells me to go with the more expensive one, but my paycheque tells me to go with the cheaper one.  hmmmm...

now i shall go refill my coffee mug.


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