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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

take only cat hair, leave only coffee

you know how sometimes when you live in an apartment, you can just tell when someone's been in your suite?  inevitably, the landlord or building maintenance dude is going to come in for some reason or another and violate your privacy but not necessarily tell you about it.

last night by some bizarre thought pattern, i decided to do some laundry.  as i opened up the dryer, something fell out.

it wasn't socks.

it wasn't underpants.

it was coffee beans.  about a dozen of them.  now, i understand someone leaving evidence of having been in your house.  the idea of them having some food, leaving the toilet seat up or down, things being moved around.

but coffee beans.

in my dryer and laundry machine.

i thought back to the last time i made coffee at home.  sunday morning.  i poured the coffee beans into the grinder, ground the beans and put the grinds in my bodum and 4 minutes later drank said coffee.  i don't have any recollection of taking a handful of beans and shoving them down my underpants and then throwing those clothes into the dryer.  i also don't have any recollection of this coffee making task taking place inside the dryer.  so how did they get there?  perhaps a very sloppy and creative break-and-enter artist?


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