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Monday, April 03, 2006

why can't i figure this out?

man, everyone but me comes up with the good money making schemes. i mean seriously, this should have been my idea. even in a province that's had daylight savings time for many years, i'm sure it would be a pretty badass idea to go around from house to house fixing people's clocks to account for the time change.

and here i am in a cubicle just thinking aboot it. ** text removed here **.

work has turned back into the waiting game. seems like every time i get my hopes up about being able to do my job that something comes up and says "whoooooaaa boy, settle down, grab another cup o' coffee and chill yo' ass out."

wait a minute, did i just complain aboot not having enough work to do? man, i must be retarded. i thought i was trying to make money without working... maybe i'm already doing that.

what i did notice today though (and this has no relevance to anything) is that by wearing a red shirt you'll catch the attention of more people in the office. everyone has been cheerfully saying hi to me today, and a couple of people have commented that my new* shirt is quite nice.

and it's too hot in the office.

i'm inching ever closer to my goal of buying a kick-arse new bicycle though. despite my hefty tax bill, i've been managing to save a few bucks here and there to put aside for it so that i can get that awesome new bike (aboot which i seem to flip-flop almost daily as to which one i should get) and ride it to work a couple times a week. it would do it every day, but i'm out of shape and it's a 33 km ride.

* new = been sitting on a hanger for months because i've been too lazy to iron it until this morning.


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