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Friday, March 31, 2006

costa rican coffee rules

i've been thinking i need to have an account with one of those online services to manage my daily reads.  the links list on the side of my page isn't nearly as coherent as it should be, and it's such a pain in the arse to hunt down the right section on the template and republish the changes every time i come across another link i want to add.  what's better - bloglines or blogrolling?

i'm still pissed aboot the government humping my paycheck for every tax dollar they can possibly get their grubby little hands on, thereby preventing me from buying a new bicycle.  and what's really aggravating about the whole situation is that the weather has been soooo nice this week.  five warm jacket-free days in a row yo and no new bike with which to celebrate.

i've been getting my hopes up at work lately.  i originally had the idea that all of the development tasks had been taken care of (as was implied by the "everything's been finished" type email i received), but lo and behold - it's not.  i wish i could say i was suprised.  well, i suppose if they theoretical reports, i can handle that.  i'll just make up my own rules for the data, rather than depend on it actually existing.


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