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Thursday, April 06, 2006

when it rains, it pours

so for ages now i've been complaining aboot not having much to do at work, having to set a much slower pace for myself so that i don't leave myself empty-handed.

well, that seems to have ended.

<dork shit>

it seems to me that several columns on very important tables in our applications database have been removed, requiring the redesign of several of our billing reports and the re-write of about a dozen important stored procedures.  the deadline to have items submitted to our quality team is tomorrow and my team only just learned aboot these changes today.

which is why i'm sitting here and typing aboot it rather than actually doing my work i s'pose.

so today's task is to haul some serious ass and get shite done.

</dork shit>

thank the gods that the coffee is free here.  i think that i will require much of the life-giving nectar today.


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