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Monday, April 10, 2006

caffeinated real estate in a pope-addicted blogosphere

once again back is the incredible...

well, incredible delays anyways.  i was given the assurance that last week's last minute delays, which turned into a massive workload, which turned back into delays again would be resolved by the time i got to work on monday.

well, some of the delays were resolved.  unfortunately none of those were relevant to my situation.  so here i sit, trying to work around these delays as much as is humanly possible.  the one thing that i feel bad aboot though is that this is affecting one of our clients.

well, whatever then eh?  what's corporate life without slacking and coffee breaks right?

a while back i signed up for blog explosion, hoping that it would bring more traffic to my site.  it does, but the catch is that if you're not willing to pay for it, you have to surf through the member blogs to get credits that lure unsuspecting people to your site and read for 30 seconds.  what i've noticed though is that the majority of the blogs that i run across are religious and prayer related blogs.  you know, the ones where they say stuff like "this dude doesn't suck jesus off, so he's going to hell - let's all spit on him."

okay, maybe they don't quite go THAT far, but pretty close.

and i wonder if these are the same people coming across my site.  it would certainly explain the lack of comments that have appeared on my profile.  more blasphemy and less hot-jesus-action than the average religious dude wants to look at i s'pose.

but right now the BeeGees are telling me they have Night Fever - which means that i should stop messing around and start working.


  • At Mon Apr 10, 12:36:00 PM, Blogger Jen said…

    Hmm... I'd like more hits, but not sure if I could pay or be forced to surf other sites in order to get them.

    The best way I find is to just randomly visit blogs, and then leave comments. Usually people are curious about who's commenting, and will check yours out. And if they had a post that was interesting enough for you to read, well maybe they will be interested in yours as well?

  • At Mon Apr 10, 11:57:00 PM, Blogger Cuppojoe said…

    How about all the extreme American political blogs too, eh? Like, come on, buddy! Nobody wants to read how far left or right you're willing to lean... Either way, yer far from centered, eh?

    I think I found yours by BlogExplosion, but who knows? It's all a blur now... But, hey! I commented, right?

  • At Tue Apr 11, 11:29:00 AM, Blogger mmat said…

    extreme politics.... i like that idea. like if politicians were debating - but they were skydiving while answering questions or cliff diving while preparing their rebuttle.

    i shouldn't be too disprespectful of good old B.E. though, i've managed to find a half dozen or so regular reads... which reminds me i need to update my links list again

  • At Fri Apr 14, 06:07:00 AM, Blogger MichaelBains said…

    I found your blog from a comment on Jen's Attack Blog. I don't remember how I found hers!

    Yer both really good, regardless.

    Great title on the cat pic, btw.


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