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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

gonna have a clam bake

today we're having a staff barbecue in celebration of the fact that there are new people working for the company. at my old office it was like pulling teeth to try to get something like that to happen, here people practically leap at the opportunity to not do work.

the only downside is that it's been raining like crazy outside all day. hopefully that won't stop anyone though. i don't mind standing out in the rain to have some good ol' BBQ when i should be doing something more productive.

speaking of rain... i don't know why i even bother checking the Weather Network to try to find out what the weather will be like in the upcoming days. i've noticed that every time i check the forecast for saturday and sunday seems to alternate between rain and sun.

i think i read somewhere that if the weather didn't change then 90% of people wouldn't have anything to talk aboot.

i got a magical thing for my desk. a coffee mug warmer thingy. you know, one of those seemingly pointless things to sit your coffee mug on so that it will keep the blessed caffeinated nectar from getting cold? yeah, i gots me one of those. keeps me from dumping out a quarter of a cup of coffee every day.


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