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Sunday, August 12, 2007

anything but the kitchen sink eh?

when something goes wrong in my apartment, who you gonna call?

well, i wish it was the Ghost Busters, but unfortunately the right answer is my douchebag landlord.

sometime in recent days or weeks, i can't be sure, a leak developed in the u-shaped pipe under my kitchen sink. a brief glance showed that the pipe looked a little corroded and there was water in the bottom of the cupboard below the sink. a more thorough glance revealed that the pipe drips continuously as there is a small hole in it and there was an inch of water under my kitchen sink. according to the building manager it was leaking into the suite below ours.

as i live and rent in a condo building, this means that for fixing things i don't call the building management, i have to call the ass-wipe that is my landlord. the leak was discovered late on friday before the long weekend so the call to my douchebag landlord went first thing tuesday morning. as per usual, she did not answer her phone and i left a voicemail.

late tuesday afternoon i thought to myself "hey, i should give cunt-zilla a call to see if she's actually going to do anything about this". surprise surprise, voicemail again.

thursday i was busy, so the next follow up call went out friday afternoon.

voicemail again. holy shitting seagulls, what a surprise.

it's a good thing the damn thing doesn't leak more than a gallon per day, because that's the biggest bucket i could get underneath it.

the last time i had to deal with the drooling retard wench that is my landlord i had to call her boss and i'm going to guess that this time will not be any different. i'm going to give her until 11am tomorrow to call me at which point i'm going to put YET ANOTHER call into her office to make YET ANOTHER complaint about the arse hole.

it's also largely because of her that i'll be moving YET AGAIN this year. i hate moving. if anyone's interested in helping out, it's going to be sometime during the month of october. i'll be moving to a place that's bigger, nicer, does not have a leaking kitchen sink and hopefully will not have someone who's completely mentally incompetant as a landlord. is that so much to ask for?



  • At Mon Aug 13, 09:07:00 AM, Anonymous halford said…

    doood. we'll help with your move if you're avail sept 1st in case we need help! we've got movers but just in case... there's only two of them and i can't imagine two dudes can get that motherfucker of a couch up the stairs.

    want us to save our boxes?

  • At Wed Aug 15, 05:39:00 PM, Blogger Martini said…

    sorry to hear about tha bullshiz going on with your scumlord. Let an egg rot, smash it onto some paper, and slide it under the landlord's door.

  • At Thu Aug 16, 01:43:00 AM, Blogger ZoeyBella said…

    I'd still call the Ghostbusters... just for fun, you know...


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